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Our Leaders On Company Board

The greatest asset for our company has been the groundbreaking support we have received in our endeavors of market dominance from our stakeholders and company leaders whose vast experience and expertise is unrivaled. Following is a list of our respected members who adorn the seats of our company's board and lend their valuable services :

  • Mr. Sanjay Singal
    • Chairman & Managing Director
  • Mrs. Aarti Singal
    • Vice Chairperson
  • Mr. R.N. Yadav
    • Whole Time Director (Admin)
  • Mr. R.P. Goyal
    • Whole Time Director (Commercial)
  • Mr. H.C. Verma
    • Whole Time Director (Technical)
  • Mr. Dev Dutt Das
    • Nominee Director - IDBI
  • Mr. Anil S. Supanekar
    • Director
  • Mr. Jimmy Mahtani
    • Nominee Director
  • Mr. R.D. Batra
    • Director
  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar Behal
    • Director

Company History


Started as a small initial outlay for the manufacturing of Door Hinges & Rail Track Fasteners.


Set up manufacturing facilities for Tor Steel as well as Wire Rod in Chandigarh.


Commissioned Rolling Mill Project at Chandigarh for Round as well as Narrow Strips.


Backward Integration Project for the Steel Melting facilities.


Upgrading Mini Steel Plant with constant casting as well as ladle furnace facilities.


Commissioning of Narrow Width Cold Rolling Project at Chandigarh.


Commissioning of Precision Pipe Project at Chandigarh.


Commissioning of Cold Rolling as well as Galvanizing Complex at Kolkata.


Addition of the narrow width Cold Rolling amenities at Kolkata.


Expansion of broad width Cold Rolling, Tubes downstream and ERW Water Pipe facilities at Kolkata.


Further development of Cold Rolling facilities at Kolkata.


Commissioning of Orissa Project Phase-I including Steel Making Facilities, 4 DRI Kilns, Coal Washery as well as 100 MW Power Plant.


Commissioning of expansion of Orissa Project Phase-II including Steel making, Blast Furnace, HR Coil Mill, Coke oven plant, Sinter plant, Oxygen plant and Lime & Calcining Plant.


Commissioning of 3.5 million TPA Coal Washery, 0.3 million TPS Sponge Iron under Phase III and 146 MW Power Plant of Orissa Project.


Commissioning of 130 MW Power Plant as well as Electric Arc Furnace under Phase III of Orissa Project. Further growth of Orissa Project under Phase IV including Steel Making Facilities, 2nd CSP Caster, 6 DRI Kilns, 130 MW Power Plant, & 6th strand along with Oxygen Plant, Tunnel Furnace, Lime Calcining with downstream amenities - Galvalume, Colour Coating, Cold Rolling, Galvanizing, Precision Tube as well as Black Pipe/GI Pipe.


Commissioning of 2nd CSP Caster, DRI Kilns, Electric Arc Furnace, & 6th Strand along with Galvanising under Phase-IV of Odisha Project, Tunnel Furnace, and Cold Rolling Mill Complex.


Commissioning of DRI Kilns, Color Coating, Lime Calcining Plant, Power Plant, Oxygen Plant, Galvalume, Precision Tube and Pipe Plant under Odisha Phase-IV Project. Implementation of further growth of Odisha Project under Phase V, including DRI Kilns, Pellet Plant, Cold Rolling, Iron Ore Benefication Plant, Pickling Line, Black Pipe Plant, Â Precision Tube Mill, and Bright Bar finishing lines.


Commissioning of Cold Rolling Mill, Black Pipe Plant, Pickling Line, Precision Tube Mill, and Bright Bar Finishing Line Under Odisha Phase -V Project


Phase-V effectively Commissioned ahead of schedule including consisting of Pellet Plant, Pickling Line, Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant, Cold Rolling Mill, Black Pipe Plant, Precision Tube Mill, and Bright bar Finishing Lines

Environment Management

  • Air Pollution
    • To manage the stack emission Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs), Gas Cleaning Plants, Bag Filters and Scrubbers installed at the process units to preserve the emission as per the national & international standards
    • To control as well as restraint of fugitive emission Dry Fog system and Water Sprinklers that are installed at the potential dust generating points
    • For suitable housekeeping truck mounted road sweeping equipment and shop floor cleaning machinery
  • Water Pollution
    • Effluent treatment plants for treatment of effluents created from the process units. The treated water is uses again in plants. There are three waste water treatment plants installed for the treatment of whole surface run off as well as storm water generation from diverse area of the plant. The treated water is used again inside the plant for ash conditioning, sprinkling, and green belt development.
    • Sewage treatment plants are used in the colony area to take care of the domestic sewage. The treated water is utilized for horticulture purpose.
  • Waste Management
    • Fly ash is the main solid waste produced from the captive power plants. For enhanced fly ash management, we thoughtfully follow the Fly ash notification. With efficient measures, whole fly is utilized by filling of low lying area, cement manufacturer, brick manufacturer, and vacant stone quarry void.
    • E-waste Management is produced as an electrical as well as electronics gazettes. We produce some amount of E-waste from our plants. We abide by with the E-waste management rule with authorized E-waste recycler for separation, collection as well as disposal as per norms.
    • For sound waste management and meeting statutory requirement, we send diverse hazardous waste to the protected landfill site as well as authorized recycler according to the guidelines.
    • Coal washery rejects as well as DRI Char is entirely utilized in captive power plants. BF Slag is entirely sold to cement producers. The metallic content from the SMS Slag is reused in sinter plant. Other non utilizable non hazardous solid wastes are disposed in elected disposal site in a technical manner, sheltered with top soil as well as coir mats is developed to ensure an eco friendly environment.             
  • Plantation & Greenbelt Development
    • Planting of trees lowers energy costs, reduces pollution and improves the green ambience. In addition, trees also provide beauty and shade. There are some sundry perspectives of trees such as social, environmental, communal, and economic. Trees present everything that is required by being like house, cloth, air, food, energy and beauty. Trees also help in absorbing the odors and pollutant gases for providing us with fresh air.
    • As a responsible company, we carry out the plantation process on a massive scale. In addition to cover 33% of the whole plant area as green coverage as per the statutory norms, the firm has already planted over 5 Lakh saplings around and in the plant.
    •  Under plantation drive with the District Forest Division, the company has undertaken enormous avenue plantation in urban areas of Sambalpur District as well as developed varied parks in the District.
    • To implement the cultivated area program, we have a devoted nursery of varied species to meet the demands. In addition to this, we offer saplings to different educational institutes for plantation in respective schools as well as villages.

Management Philosophy

BPSL is a vibrant steel producer with contemporary outlook as well as have deep rooted knowledge and tradition of numerous years in the production of flat as well as long products. The characteristics of BPSL's philosophy with growth strategy that have enabled BPSL ahead of competitors are:

  • To attain and incorporate world class production technology
  • Strict adherence to the quality standards
  • Thorough application of metallurgical examination and statistical procedure control systems to make sure zero product nonconformity
  • Provide superior customer services
  • Customer focus - every client is considered as the most significant partner in the providing chain: focusing not only on the aspects of product but also on ways as well as means to reduce their supply costs through dependable, just-in-time delivery. BPSL's competent and experienced technical teams are always accessible to make sure that the product fits the right or exceeded customers' specifications.
  • Ensures high flexibility as well as reliability in providing tailor made solutions to the clients
  • Dedication to quality and skills to identify and nurture a talent to make sure development of an worker competent to carry out the tasks that get priority attention.

A Technical Overview of Our Plant In Orissa

Our fabrication and processing plant situated in Orissa is a sprawling infrastructure which is a TPA integrated Steel and Power plant that stands at a TPA value of 2.3 million. Mentioned below are a few hi-tech machine assemblies that the facility is accoutered with :

  • 12 DRI Kilns of 500 TPD
  • Black Hollow Section
  • Galvanized Hollow Section
  • 506 MW Power Plant
  • Coal Washery
  • Two CSP Plants
  • Blast Furnace
  • Coke Oven Plant
  • Sinter Plant
  • Oxygen Plant
  • Steel Melting Shops
  • Lime Calcining & Dolomite Plant
  • Cold Rolling Mills
  • Galvanizing Plant
  • Galvalume Plant
  • Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant
  • Pellet Plant
  • Bright Bar Finishing Lines
  • Pickling Lines
  • Colour Coating Plant
  • Wire Rod and Bar Mill 

Our Esteemed Technical Partners

We have partnered with technical giants from all across the world, each of whom are in a league of their own as far as business and innovative acumen and their innovative are concerned, and are leaders in their respective domains. Mentioned below are a few such esteemed names w have had the fortune of collaborating with :

  • Daehwa Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd., Korea

    • Supply of CR, HR, Slitting and Cut to Length for CRM Complex

  • HB Esmech Pvt, Ltd., India

    • Supply, Erection and Commissioning of HR Slitter, Trimming Line, GP CTL for CRM Complex

  • CMI FPE Ltd., India

    • Supply of Pickling Line, ECL, Cold Rolling Mill, Skin Pass Mill, CGL, CCL for CRM Complex

  • ABB Limited, india

    • Electrical and Automation Equipments for CRM Complex

  • Mecon Ltd, India

    • Technical Consultant

  • IDCL Limited, Hong Kong Union Electric Steel Corporation, USA

    • ThyssenKrupp Materials France, France

    • Bao Steel Group Changzhou Roll Manufacture Co., China

    • Supply of WR, IMR, BUR for Cold Rolling Mill

  • TAMINI Trasformatori Srl, Italy

    • Supply of EAF and LF Transformers

  • SMS Siemag, Germany

    • Supply of CSP Plant

  • Siemeg, Germany

    • Supply of Electrical, Automation & Spare parts Design

  • Waldrich Siegen, Germany

    • Supply of Roll Grinding Machine and Design and Training

  • Techint Italimpianti Deutschland Gmbh, Germany

    • Supply of Roller Hearth Tunnel Furnace

  • Techint Tagliaferry, Italy

    • Supply of Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace / Relevant Auxiliaries

  • IMS Messsysteme, Germany

    • Supply of Compact Gauging System for CSP

  • Beijing Sino teel & Group Corporation (SSIT), China Industry

      • Supply of Blast furnace plant, Blower for furnace, Sinter Plant & Coke Oven Plant

  • EBNER, Austria

    • Annealing Facilities

  • Techint S.P.A., Italy

    • Supply of Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace/Relevant Auxiliaries

  • Qualical AG, Switzerland

    • Supply of Lime & Dolomite Plant

  • Air Liquid Engineering, France Linde AG, Germany / BOC India Ltd.

    • Supply of Oxygen Plant

  • Humbolt Wedag, Germany

    • Coal Washery

  • Lurgi Technology and Other Equipment from Thyssen Krupp, Germany

  • Thyssen Krupp, Germany

    • Ferry Capital, France

    • Sponge Iron Kilns

  • Bolier- Isgec John Thompson, India

    • Turbine- Simens Finspong, Germany

    • Power Plant

  • Danieli and Co., Italy

    • Wire Rod Mill and Bar Mill {special Alloy Steel}

  • Friedrich Kocks GmbH and Co KG

    • Reducing and Sizing Block for Wire Rod and Bar Mill

Clearances and Compliances

  • Environmental Clearance
    • Expansion of Steel Plant from 3 MTPA to 5.5 MTPA
    • EC Compliance Oct15 - Mar16 (63.5 mb)
    • Annual Environmental Statement -2015-16 (5.6 mb)
    • CTO 2015-16 - Compliance Report (6.6 mb)
    • Environmental Statement Report for the year 2014-15
    • EC 3.0
  • Petition of OERC
    • Petition to OERC
    • Annexure1: OERC-Notification-300910
    • Annexure2: Series
    • Annexure3: Quarterly Status of generation consumption FY2011 12
    • Annexure4: Series
    • Annexure5: Series

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